Alexis B.

  • My husband and I were fortunate enough to have Molly shoot our wedding in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. Words cannot begin to describe how incredible Molly's photographs are; she not only captured all the small details which made the day, she also has an uncanny ability to capture the essence and true nature of the people she photographed. We were completely awed when we received her work; she was able to capture moments, expressions, and emotions that were unique to individuals.
  • I believe that the real worth of a photographer lies in her ability to capture those passing moments (a smile between my sister and I in church, the couple's first dance, friends laughing), and in her ability to take strong action shots. Molly's action shots are incredible, and we are thrilled to have so many pictures of our friends and family dancing and celebrating the night away. Molly also has an incredible eye for detail, and chronicled many details from our wedding that, were it not for her, I would have forgotten in all the emotion of the day.
  • Another fabulous quality of Molly is her laid-back, easy-going personality. The last thing a bride and groom wants is an uptight photographer; Molly enjoys herself, makes people feel at ease, and takes phenomenal photographs all the while. She is clearly passionate about what she does, and that passion shines through in each and every photograph she takes.
  • I look forward to working with her in the future, and highly recommend her to all of my friends and family!